Another CWoT Donations Explained

Why Donate?

Another Clever Waste of Time is run out of pocket by BLiZZ. I do this for many reasons, but mainly for the love of the game, the enjoyment of the players and the hatred for ads or sponsors.

In the past, CWoT was approached almost daily by sponsors who wanted to pay me for their ad space, pop ups, redirects, promotions, etc. I turned them all down. I know how much I hate seeing things like that on recreation and entertainment sites, and I assume you do, too.

The problem, though, is that hosting a website isn't free. It also isn't the most expensive thing in the world, but there are domain name fees, hosting fees, scripting fees, server fees and other little behind the scenes things I pay for to help the site run smoothly. I have a specific account set up to pay all ACWoT bills and fees. Your donations help me cover those recurring monthly fees. While I never ask you for money to play the game, I do offer you the chance to help out. It is never mandatory and you will never see an ad or sponsor on this site, regardless if I never see a dime from anyone but my own bank account.

Buy A Coffee Donation

The first donation option you will see in the Member Portal and Level Page Donations pop up is to buy me a coffee. This is a monetary donation of $3(USD). When you click the link you are taken to the CWoT 2 page on the Buy Me a Coffee website. You have the option to buy a single or multiple coffees and can be listed by name or remain anonymous. In case you are unaware, you aren't technically buying me a cup of coffee. Instead you are sending a monetary donation to the ACWoT account (which I probably use to buy real coffee, let's be honest).

Amazon Wish List

The second donation option was created from players requests to help out but not have to send money. The Amazon Wish List is simply various items and things that I plan to buy for myself one day, but give you the opportunity to make the purchase instead. If you choose to do so, clicking the link will take you to the Amazon (US) list where you can select a listed item and make the purchase (Amazon will do a currency exchange for most purchases done this way). The item is then shipped to me at my home and I get to enjoy the product as if I had bought it myself. The money that particular item would have cost me is moved from my account to the ACWoT fee account to cover the next monthly fee that comes up.

ACWoT Member Society Contributor

Members of the forum are also given a third option. You can select the subscription option and sign up for a monthly monetary donation in the amounts of $5, $10 or $20. Each level (Minor, Major, Hero) is handled through PayPal each month and is set up as a recurring donation from you to the ACWoT account. Members who choose this option are given the "Contributor" status in the forum (the green-colored member group).

All donations, regardless if it is a cup of coffee, a coffee cup or a recurring subscription are all listed in the Member's forum as a public thank you for your contribution to the game.