How to Play Another CWoT

Basic Premise

Another Clever Waste of Time (ACWoT, or CWoT2) is an online riddle game designed to help you develop your computer and personal skills (research skills, critical thinking skills, bo staff skills, nunchaku skills, problem solving skills, etc.). The game is made up of different levels. Levels are grouped in progressively harder trails. There are four main trails to choose from: Numerics, Alphabets, Romans and Egyptians. Each trail holds 100 levels. Aside from the main trails there are side quest trails that cover a myriad of specialized or grouped themes.

You start the game off on Level 1 of the Numeric Trail. As your progress through the trail, the levels get harder to solve, requiring more complex thought process, thinking outside the box, or deep research. Members get special items to assist in solving the levels, including a Member Portal which helps keep track of your progress, allows you easy access to past levels and allows you the freedom to start and work on any trail at any time.

Membership is free and only requires that you join the CWoT Member Forum. Non members are still able to work on and solve all levels of all CWoT2 trails, however, they must progress in a specific order.

Solving Levels

Solving the various levels will require a lot of different tasks and abilities. When you start a new level, you will be presented with a page that has the level number in the bottom left corner and an image in the center of the page. Sometimes the image will be accompanied by a text box with information, clues or hints inside.

Your job is to figure out what the level is hinting at, in terms of a single word or small phrase that will then be used to progress to the next level. As you enter your guesses in the URL address bar, you will either be correct, which results in viewing the next level page, or wrong, which results in viewing the 404 - File Not Found pages.

If your guess is on track, close or otherwise inline with the level solve, you will be presented with an Egg Page which can help you continue forward to the correct solve.

Egg Pages

Egg pages, also known as Easter Eggs, are pages within a level that usually give you more hints or clues. Some levels have mandatory egg pages (meaning the information found in the egg page is required to solve the level). Other times, you will find that the egg page is just guiding you towards the correct solve by letting you know you are on the right track.

Not all levels have egg pages, and not all eggs are actual pages. An egg page (or simply "egg") can be any file type, including HTML pages, sound files, images, etc. All Level pages in CWoT2 are written in PHP. As such, you will not need to enter the ".php" file extension to progress.

However, if you need to find an egg that is an image, you may need to add the .jpg, .gif, .png or .psd file extension to show it. Not all images or sound files are embedded in pages.

It is up to you to decipher the clues given to find the relevant eggs and their types.

How to Enter Guesses

There are two primary ways to advance to the next level: direct URL access and pass-boxes. All egg hunting will be done through the address bar (direct URL access). When you encounter a pass-box, the correct answer will take you to the next level.

Direct URL Access

The vast majority of your time will be entering guesses into the address bar in your browser. Each level will give you hints and clues as to where the final answer to the next egg page can be found. You will append the current URL in the address bar with the new guess to see if a page loads or not.

For example, the current URL in the address bar reads If you were to append that to read then you would find an egg page via direct URL access.

URL access will also be used to locate images, sound files, PSD files, and other potential egg pages, files or downloads. Correct guesses are shown the file named, while incorrect guesses will result in the 404 -File Not Found pages.

Password Entry

Sometimes during the game, you will come across a pass-box that looks similar to this:

Generally (though not always) a level requiring a password to continue will show the pass-box on the main level page. Many times it will be accompanied by a username box as well. In these instances you must correctly enter the name and password to continue. A submit button below the input boxes is used to submit your guess.

When the username and passwords match, you will be taken to the next level. Incorrect guesses will either return you to the level page or show you a 404 - File Not Found page. In rare instances, some pass-boxes will take you to egg pages on an incorrect guess.