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Bookworm 02

Started by MissIllusioned, June 30, 2020, 08:24:13 PM

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Let's go on an adventure together!
In progress: Nada, nothing, zilch
Solved: Numerics 1-50, Alphabet A- K, Romans - 1-10, Decades 1-10, Secret 1-4


Think I'm missing something obvious. I got one eggy but what I have doesnt seem to be enough with the clues I have. I keep thinking I'm missing another eggy. Not sure if I need to keep trying with what I have or look for more.
Main Trails: Alphabets C, Romans I
Temp End: Numerics 51
Side Trails: Bookworm 69
Progress: Secret 1 (not solved)
Open: Decade 5, Crystal 5


I would think it is the missing the obvious part. Look at all the clues and take the text literally.