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Wow! It's Over!

Started by BLiZZ, July 17, 2020, 09:56:09 AM

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Congratulations! You made it!

Come celebrate the end of the Bookworm Side Quest here!

Did you have fun? If you are anything like me (first, let me apologize...) you have a list of books to go purchase and read now!

Also, did you find all 10 secret levels??


                              :banana1:  :banana1:

Great riddle & great friends to play it with  :bestfriends: 
Thank you for keeping us amused and frustrated    :damnchicken:
now off to find some more secrets    :hello:


nice and, except maybe 3 or 4 levels, pretty easy!
Temp end: Numerics, Alphabets, Romans
Finished: Decade, Bookworms + Secrets
Secrets:  1,2,3,4,5,6,9 solved


Congrats guys!! It is a fun little side quest, isn't it?

Plenty more to come!


 :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:
Bookworm is a wonderful riddle to learn codes and books!. I enjoyed and learn a lot with it!!

I would like to thank you specially Misillusioned (and also BB :hello:)  for all that work!! :cheers:
Numerics, Alphabets & Romans:Temp End,
Secrets:7/10  searching 7, 8 & 10
Bookworms: 125/125 and BWSecrets 10/10
Decade: 10/10
Crystals: 15/15



 :cheer: yay to all. I hoped you liked!
In progress: Nada, nothing, zilch
Solved: Numerics 1-50, Alphabet A- K, Romans - 1-10, Decades 1-10, Secret 1-4


finally! very entertaining this way the first 50 levels let's say they are simple then it gets a bit complicated. I have learned new ciphers and certainly many interesting books that I did not know.
Now there is still some secret level to be found.
Congratulations to MissIllusioned and Blizz for the levels.
And especially to pythagoras, amenito and master for the help and I think that always accompanied you go further.
numerical levels: 50<br />decade:complete alphabetic; Temp end, Roman; XXI<br />secret levels 2/10<br />book: end. Crystal:14<br />secret book; 1,3,9 (complete),10 (complete)


Well done! More to come and more to do still!

Congratulations! :cheer: :cheer:


Also done! Thanks to Abus for the assistance and MissI for the great side quest!
Numerics: 50 TE; Bookworm: Done!; S. Bookworm: 1 (solved), 3 (found), 9 (found), 10 (solved); Secrets: 1 (solved), 2 (not found), 3 (not found), 4 (not found); Decade: 10 (Complete); Crystal: 13