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Mysterious Levels M1 - M15

Started by Wayfarer, October 22, 2020, 05:04:20 PM

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Welcome to Wayfarer's Mysterious Levels!  These are 15 challenging levels that follow a story of intrigue and hidden riches set in the present day but relating to events in 18th century England. The storyline at any level is available through a link and is just there to add interest and tie everything together - you do not need to read any of the storyline links to solve the riddles.   Google or Google UK (i.e. rather than comments are there in the source to indicate whether you need external help to solve a level. To fit with the story wherein most of the puzzles were set in the mid 18th century the riddle solving techniques are similarly "old-fashioned" i.e no morse, ascii, periodic table and so on are needed.