2022 is here! New Levels, New Challenges, New... for a little while anyway.


Started by Wayfarer, October 23, 2020, 08:37:59 AM

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Will be doing a much needed overhaul over the winter...   :ahhhh:

Wayfarer's Riddle


Main Trail
6: main tool no longer works online.  I have therefore revamped this with another working tool  :cheer:     
23: The Scary Coathanger Man page - added a couple of eggs to make it fairer.
49: code change required (still issue with Safari but not a biggie)
50: added an egg to make it fairer
51: rewritten extensively to improve it - new answer!
55: rewritten somewhat to improve it - new answer!
58: minor change to make it fairer
67: A little dated but kept for the memories.  Website it relied on missing so rewritten somewhat - new answer!
70: Gah!  Changed this ages ago but forgot to write it up.  *puts solving hat on* Done!
78: Very minor change to make it fairer and update code
79: Dated and in need of a complete rewrite...  NEW LEVEL UP - inspired by a local walk and Halloween !
85: Site it used now asking for registration so amended slightly - new answer!
86: Dated/not working and in need of a complete rewrite... NEW LEVEL UP - inspired by my favourite photo of the year.
90: Minor code update
93: Rejigged to make it fairer
96: Minor code update
97: Minor code update
98: Rewritten to improve - new answer!
99: Minor code update
104: fixed that - had an unreachable egg...
110: Added an extra hint to make it fairer
111: Minor change to fix an oversight.
113: Minor change to improve fairness
114: Hmm site still there but of course Java functionality was killed in 2018.  Reworked and it is now better!
116: added an egg to make it better and fairer
117: Gah forgot to write this one up too  :banghead:  *solved and written up!*
118: thankfully site it uses still there.  Rewrote extensively to improve - new answer!
122: Corrected levelpic
123: Rejigged to improve - new answer!
126: Rejigged to make fairer and fix an online issue.
131: site and tool had changed - Flash deprecation may require another rethink - new answer!
136: had to swap out something
142: added a couple of eggs and a hint to make it fairer / deal with change.
152: removed an unwanted hyphen
163: needs a little work...  done!
165: error in it corrected...
166: rejigged it somewhat to improve.
167: Needed an extensive rewrite to allow for deprecation and make it fairer.
169:  levelpic was AWOL  :eek!: Repaired!
171: is FUBARed  :sad1: new level required   NEW LEVEL! - inspired by the old solution.
173: was broken but is now fixed - added an extra egg to be helpful.
174: corrected the program
176: minor change for accuracy
180 : outdated so updated :)
182 : outdated so updated :)
184: site it uses changed so largely revamped - new answer!
188: a little dated but managed to keep it much as is...
189: changed slightly to make it fairer and better
190: another victim of entropy :sad1:   Rewritten and does the job!
191: another unhappy level  :dramafaint:  Fixed thanks to Online-Convert.com  :cheers:
192: OK but image quality is appalling.  Rephotographed and improved.
193: rejigged to make it fairer and improve it.
194: reworked it with a slightly different solution to make it fairer - new answer!
199: some minor rework needed

What a ride.  Took the whole of my week off to do.  Good job it was rainy!

Up to the end and all working OK in Opera (my browser of choice), Edge, Safari and Firefox.   Will see how long that lasts!  :batterup:  (Also need to test on IE, Chrome and Duckduckgo.)

Spy levels all good (simplified one answer)

Sneaky levels
a: good
b: good
c: had to change somewhat
d: had to change somewhat - new answer!
e: had to rejig a fair bit
f: good
g: good
h: good

Puzzle Levels will be fine as all just text so will concentrate next on Quirky Levels.

Quirky Levels
1: Needed a little touch-up for accuracy
2: Added a little hint
5: No longer quirky due to the passage of time but have left for now
7: Victim of entropy sigh.  Can reuse the concept though.  DONE!  New answer!
8: Too many variants so was unfair as it stood therefore totally reworked it - new answer!
9: Wasn't quite working so rejigged
Quirkies are a wrap  :wiggle:

Variety Levels
All good  :thud:

Mysterious Levels   
M3: added hint for fairness
M7: added hint for fairness
M8: added hint for fairness
M9: added egg to improve plus some slight changes for fairness
M10: some slight changes for fairness
M12: not working.   Fixed! Greatly improved it (i.e. made it harder  :lmmfao:) New answer!
M13: improved it
M15a: minor improvements

All done  :blob3:

Advent Levels
Day1: fixed little bug
Day2: added extra hint for fairness
Day5: made fairer
Day15: fixed major bug
Day21: made fairer
Day22: made fairer
Day24: couple of parts made fairer; missing egg fixed


Book Levels
Need to go through these but am also working on new levels.  (B51 - B59 now loaded!)
B2: FUBARed - good job I keep screenshots of stuff lol.  Fixed.
B3: updated to fix confusion.
B8: Some bug fixes needed, done.
B10: Had to recreate the external elements
B11: simplified the solution
B14: more missing eggs than an empty bird's nest.   :imstupid:   Fixed.
B15: Not up to snuff...fixed.
B16: needed fix as unsolvable as was
B18: made fairer
B19: made fairer
B20: fixed bug
B26: small improvement
B27: needed relocating
B29: made fairer
B32: needed relocating
B33: tidied up
B34: FUBARed - needs a new level - # NEW LEVEL UP!#
B35: hoist by my own petard!  fixed
B37: changed for fairness - new answer!
B45: small change for fairness
B46: small change for fairness
B48: added more hints
B49: victim of a dead link sigh.  Fixed!

Book levels all revamped!  Just need to write up the 9 new levels  - done!  Temp end now at B59.


 :cheer:so exciting!
In progress: Nada, nothing, zilch
Solved: Numerics 1-50, Alphabet A- K, Romans - 1-10, Decades 1-10, Secret 1-4


So glad to see you back, my friend!

If you need any help with finding levels that need an overhaul or anything else, just let me know! :cheers:


Update for you, I've gone through all the changed levels (main trail) and everything looks great in Brave browser, which means it also works in Chrome, so you can mark that off your test list.

Also, using DuckDuckGo instead of Google gives the needed results, though not always on the first page (unless you are very specific) but they can be found there.