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Level P

Started by BLiZZ, March 12, 2021, 08:57:22 PM

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This level is fun.

For me to watch you struggle with.  :wiggle:


And struggling I am  :dizzy:


Am I looking for a certain one like the pic for that date?

Thanks TT


No. It is just a reference so you know when you are on the right "track" (pun intended)


I have several paths open, the first one would be that of the historical event that is shown.
And then I would go for c*****.
numerical levels: 50<br />decade:complete alphabetic; Temp end, Roman; XXI<br />secret levels 2/10<br />book: end. Crystal:14<br />secret book; 1,3,9 (complete),10 (complete)


If the event you are seeing is "actual" or "historical" that is wrong. Though it is historic, it won't be found on historical websites.