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Registration Agreement

Look, agreements are stupid. So  I will keep this brief. Please read it.

Before you register an account on this forum, understand that it is a site geared towards adults. There is no nudity, but in the forum you may find crude language. If you are easily offended, please don't register.

This forum has members from all over the world. English is spoken in this place. Please understand and respect that not everyone speaks fluent English. If you want to speak in your native language through a PM to another member, fine. In public posts, everything is in English.

You also understand that this agreement is brief. There is a board inside with complete rules. After you join you are required to read, understand and follow those rules. If not, you will be banned.

Soon, you will be asked for a password. Make it a strong one. Use upper and lowercase letters, a number or two and a special character. If you don't meet the requirements, a warning will pop up.

So, to recap: Act like an adult, be kind, read and follow the posted rules inside and make a strong password. Clear? Clear. Click the agree button below.

Privacy Policy

Oh good! a GDPR enforced Privacy Policy.

Yes, you have to agree to this too. Again, I have a full privacy policy on site, linked to in every footer on every main page you come to. Read it.

For now, here is what you need to know:

You give us your username, make a password, and share any other information you wish. This can include social media accounts, photos, email addresses, etc.

You have the right to hide most of your personal information from public view (and I have it so guests don't see any of it).

We don't have an app, we don't have ads and I don't sell anything to anyone. This is a fun site. It isn't monetized.

There is a donation button or two that you can use to give me money if you wish. Those ALL go to third party sites. Nothing dealing with money, credit cards or anything else like that, that you do is saved on this site or any site I own. This includes anothercwot.com, anothercwot.net and acwot.co.

So there you go. We put a cookie on your computer, I even named it CWoTCookie so you can find it easy and delete it if you want.

All contact information, addresses, contact names, legal mumbo-jumbo and all that fun shit that we hate reading but someone decided we have to have is in the ACWoT Privacy Policy. It can be found at https://anothercwot.com/privacy

Got it? Good. Click accept below to get on with it and start having some fun.