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Site Rules - Overview
« on: March 10, 2020, 08:22:04 AM »
By using the site, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined throughout this site. You can find the complete and full details on the privacy policy page as well as the general rules page.

This post is here as a reminder that while you are on ACWoT, you abide by these rules. I will also outline the more important things here as a quick reference.

We do collect data on this site. But only data you knowingly and willingly provide. This includes your email address and location for signing up as a member on the forum. Beyond the function of account creation, this information is never used for any other purpose.

You agree that anything you post or submit to any form on this, through email or as a post in this forum, that the content becomes the property of ACWoT. Some quotes, examples, etc. may be used in promotional materials. If this is the case, you will not be notified. This is your notification.

ACWoT has no sponsorship, there is nothing to sell your information to, no 3rd party scripts or forms that require your information being passed though. Every script here (with the exception of this forum software) was hand-coded by ACWoT Admins and does not require your personal information to function.

You further agree to not attempt to obtain the personal information of others, give out your passwords or personal information to ANYONE!. The sole exception is when Admin requires some information to assist with a problem (your account is blocked, or you entered the wrong password or email address, etc.) Don't fret. BLiZZ is actually a nice guy. He also makes enough money to live comfortably and doesn't need to sell your email address to eat.

You will maintain a professional attitude at all times. There will be no flaming, bombing, bad mouthing or other derogatory means towards anyone on or from this site, ever.

You may not reproduce, copy or transmit any portion of this site, for any reason, without expressed written consent of the owners.

We can block and ban you from accessing this site. In that rare event, you are forbidden to circumvent these blocks.

Do not hack the site, server or domain.

You will not use scripts, hacks or electronic, mechanical or systematic means to circumvent password boxes, submission forms or CAPTCHA devices installed on this site.

That should about cover it. Now that the boring shit is out of the way, nod your head that you agree, and go play the game.

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