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General Chit-Chat / Re: The Final(?) Side Quest - A Contest
« on: June 01, 2020, 05:25:11 PM »
Quest Name: Rebus... or Picture this??  Meh.. terrible with names
Basic premise of the quest: Each level would have a rebus (with pictures or just words arranged to create a rebus...)
Level of difficulty: Somewhere between Numerics and Alphabets
Type of quest: Inclusive

I feel like there used to be a Rebus-like quest but I don't see any in my CWoT folder (Brain Ticklers and Triple Scoops are there though...).

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From Admin / Re: Meet the ACWoT Team
« on: April 06, 2020, 10:58:10 AM »
Okay so finally doing mine before I get another 'talking-to'.

- My name is NinjaDucky... Ducky for short (there are about 4 thousand other nicknames from over the years.
  I'm from United States of America.  I currently work as a Processing Clerk (or in other words I manage the archive room where bill statement stubs/checks go to die as well as  finding rejects of any stubs/checks).  I'm also into coding/programming; HTML/CSS, javascript, Visual Basic (been a while) and COBOL(yeah I still like it).  Currently looking for work as junior Web Developer or QA Tester.  LinkedIn and Portfolio available... or send me leads!!! (hush BBBrat)
  Ahem... what else.  I've been a part of CWoT since 2006 and Invasion II; big part of my life as I moved around the US too :).  I collect rubber duckies though most of the poor things are sitting in a box right now. 

- I will be the Quality Assurance department.  This means I will be the contact person if you (the player/riddler) run into something that you think may be wrong or something is not working the way you think it should be either here on the forum or on any of the riddle trails.
   - NOTE- I will not be giving answers so don't try to trick me into that please.   
   Examples of potential problems:
     * spelling or grammar errors
     * Any buttons not working as expected
     * incorrect or missing images
     * any entry that you make either with the URL or clicking anywhere that produces something that shouldn't be there.
     * anything else that isn't covered by the above.

I'm usually only online in the evenings (Eastern US time) as I'm not allowed to have my phone/iPad/laptop with me in the work area.  Sundays and Mondays I'll be around more.  PMs are open as is email.

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