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Technical FAQs - Members Helping Members
« on: March 26, 2020, 04:00:44 PM »
Use this thread to ask about technical issues you may have with a particular program or computer resource.

  • DO NOT post links to program downloads.
  • DO NOT mention a specific level for a resource (i.e. don't post something like "Stuck on level 14 and need help with PhotoShop")
  • ONLY post for help with problems as they relate to ACWOT. (i.e. do not post asking for help installing SIMS 4 on your computer)
  • Ask for as specific as help as possible. (i.e. do not say you need help with PhotoShop. Instead, say you need help viewing invisible layers in PhotoShop.)

Remember: this topic is a "Members Helping Members" style FAQs. ACWoT Admin and Moderators are not condoning nor condemning the use of any of the listed tools or programs here. We may be able to help, we will moderate this topic, but your responses will come from other members more and staff members less.
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