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CWoT 2 - Rules / Re: What If I Have Questions?
« on: April 02, 2020, 10:19:28 AM »
Well, I don't know if we were sure they all solved easily. But we did ensure they are fair, and try hard to make sure there are alternate solve methods :wink6:
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Levels 1 - 10 / Level 01
« on: March 31, 2020, 08:36:13 PM »
Two hours worth of work to build a level that will take you 8 seconds to solve.  :hohum:

The things I do for you.  :hello:
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From Admin / Re: How to Use the Forum
« on: March 26, 2020, 04:10:41 PM »
If you want your Private Message (PM) inbox to look and perform more like a regular mailbox (and the old CWoT style):

Click on "My Messages" in the forum navigation menu.
Above the messages list you will see a link for "Messages" "Actions" and "Preferences"
Hover over Preferences and then check "Change Settings."

Make your settings like this:

Display personal messages: As a Conversation
Show most recent personal messages at top.: Checked
Show a popup when I receive new messages.: Checked (optional)
Save a copy of each personal message in my sent items by default.: Checked
Remove the inbox label when applying another label: Checked

Remember to save your changes.
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General Chit-Chat / Technical FAQs - Members Helping Members
« on: March 26, 2020, 04:00:44 PM »
Use this thread to ask about technical issues you may have with a particular program or computer resource.

  • DO NOT post links to program downloads.
  • DO NOT mention a specific level for a resource (i.e. don't post something like "Stuck on level 14 and need help with PhotoShop")
  • ONLY post for help with problems as they relate to ACWOT. (i.e. do not post asking for help installing SIMS 4 on your computer)
  • Ask for as specific as help as possible. (i.e. do not say you need help with PhotoShop. Instead, say you need help viewing invisible layers in PhotoShop.)

Remember: this topic is a "Members Helping Members" style FAQs. ACWoT Admin and Moderators are not condoning nor condemning the use of any of the listed tools or programs here. We may be able to help, we will moderate this topic, but your responses will come from other members more and staff members less.
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From Admin / Meet the ACWoT Team
« on: March 24, 2020, 07:27:29 PM »
Another Clever Waste of Time cannot run smoothly and operate with precision without a team.

I am proud to announce the TEAM ACWoT! :cheer:

Admin: BLiZZ
Moderators: Ariel, MissIllusioned
Quality Assurance: NinjaDucky

Each of the team will make a post here to let you know when they are available, how best to contact them and a little about themselves.

In that, I will start.

I am BLiZZ, your Admin and owner of ACWoT. This little game started as an idea 15 years ago. During that time it grew to the most popular riddle online with over 17.5 million visitors. I was also the largest of its kind on line with 1000 levels.

Towards the end of the 12th year, life crept in and I decided it was time to pull the plug. I left the FB page up as a lifeline, and the players tugged on it hard.

So we are back. Brand new and improved!  :boing:

With a lot of work, major improvements and a lot of nostalgia, Another Clever Waste of Time was born. I plan to continue building and making CWoT the biggest, best and most popular riddle ever!

If you have any questions, comments, need help or anything else, you can send a PM through the forum message system here at any time. I don't have set hours, and will respond as soon as possible.

If you want to send an email, you can reach me through the contact page at any time.

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From Admin / Re: How to Use the Forum
« on: March 23, 2020, 11:42:43 PM »

One thing you will need to get an understanding of is forum terminology.

A forum is compromised of various parts. The entire page here is the forum. Inside the forum you have categories.

A category is the main topic of a specific section. All category names appear on the banner above those particular boards. "Numeric Level Help," as an example, is the category for that section of the forum.

Inside the categories you have boards. "Levels 1 - 10" is a board inside the "Numeric Level Help" category.

Once inside the various boards you have threads. A thread is a specific topic of the overall category. Oftentimes, threads are also called topics.

The individual replies inside the topics are called posts. These are your replies or questions to that particular thread.

So, we would have the your post asking for help inside the  "Level 1" thread/topic, this is inside the "Levels 1 - 10" board, that is inside the "Numeric Level Help" category, that sit in the ACWoT Member Society forum.

That should help you understand the navigation terms of the forum.
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Other Riddles / Re: Wayfarer's Riddle
« on: March 23, 2020, 09:02:54 PM »
I have already emailed Wayfarer about the use of the forum. I am waiting for his response.
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Other Riddles / Other Riddles/Game Rules
« on: March 19, 2020, 11:30:30 AM »
ACWoT loves that there are more games and riddles out there for you to play. We know first hand how boring it can be to get stuck on a level and not have any other options.

So, we offer you the chance to post about your favorite riddles, games and other time wasters in this board.

However, there are a few rules.

  • You MUST send a PM to BLiZZ explaining the riddle or game you want to post about with a link to the game.
  • Approval from BLiZZ must come before you can post your introduction post here.
  • The thread is an introduction thread to the games. Help threads will be created, as needed (no asking for level help in this topic).
  • When you add your riddle or game to this thread you must offer a complete introduction to the game, what type it is, a link, even a screenshot of the home page if you like.
  • NEVER post answers to levels for ANY riddle or game anywhere on ACWoT. Even if the other game says it is allowed, is it NOT allowed here.
  • Understand that ACWoT is not responsible for the content, graphics or downloads other sites may have. Visit new sites from these links at your own risk.

Now that those are settled (and may change over time to accommodate certain situations as they arise). Where else do you like to play?

Other Riddles:

1. Wayfarer's Riddle
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General Chit-Chat / Re: Blizz is mean
« on: March 18, 2020, 10:08:14 PM »
I am NOT devious. I am calculating. and devious.
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General Chit-Chat / Re: Blizz is mean
« on: March 18, 2020, 06:29:37 AM »
The best part is these levels will all disappear in a couple of weeks. :lmmfao:
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General Chit-Chat / So this is fun
« on: March 17, 2020, 11:24:53 PM »
I recently found out (and I didn't save the articles, so I am looking for them again), that during the height of CWoT Invasion (Invasion 3, if I recall) both MicroSoft and Blizzard Esports attempted to create their own version of the game. (MS claimed they got an idea from a similar game their interns were playing on their break...hmmmm  I wonder which team that was?? :lmmfao: ) Blizzard didn't state where their idea came from.

MicroSoft set up a dedicated server, had team monitors, registrations, sign ups and sponsors. I don't even know what Blizzard had.

Both ran 1 instance of the game. Blizzard thought it was too much work to be worth another go. They did (I think) 10 rounds, with 5 teams and a total of 47 people.

MS ran theirs with 4 teams, each with 10 people. Decided they didn't have the resources to carry on. Both failed miserably and got horrible reviews, trashed on the articles I read and basically said it was too difficult to run and maintain a world-wide game like that.  :conspiracy:

 :lmmfao: :lmmfao: :lmmfao:

CU and I did it by ourselves. In our living room. With more players. Twice as many rounds and NO resources. And we did it 10+ times over.

Yes. Invasion was a LOT of work. It was difficult. But c'mon. The players make it worth it as even through the frustrations and fights and hard times, we loved every second of it.

THIS, is why I love y'all.  and THIS is why I do this.
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General Chit-Chat / Re: Doubts about anotherCWoT
« on: March 17, 2020, 04:53:45 AM »

There are people that don't want to join a forum and just want to play the game and random. For these people they will have to go through the trails 1 level at a time, in order Numerics>>Alphabets>>Romans>>Egyptians.

Those that do join can play all 4 at the same time, and have access to all the other features.
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CWoT 2 - Rules / Site Rules - Overview
« on: March 10, 2020, 08:22:04 AM »
By using the site, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined throughout this site. You can find the complete and full details on the privacy policy page as well as the general rules page.

This post is here as a reminder that while you are on ACWoT, you abide by these rules. I will also outline the more important things here as a quick reference.

We do collect data on this site. But only data you knowingly and willingly provide. This includes your email address and location for signing up as a member on the forum. Beyond the function of account creation, this information is never used for any other purpose.

You agree that anything you post or submit to any form on this, through email or as a post in this forum, that the content becomes the property of ACWoT. Some quotes, examples, etc. may be used in promotional materials. If this is the case, you will not be notified. This is your notification.

ACWoT has no sponsorship, there is nothing to sell your information to, no 3rd party scripts or forms that require your information being passed though. Every script here (with the exception of this forum software) was hand-coded by ACWoT Admins and does not require your personal information to function.

You further agree to not attempt to obtain the personal information of others, give out your passwords or personal information to ANYONE!. The sole exception is when Admin requires some information to assist with a problem (your account is blocked, or you entered the wrong password or email address, etc.) Don't fret. BLiZZ is actually a nice guy. He also makes enough money to live comfortably and doesn't need to sell your email address to eat.

You will maintain a professional attitude at all times. There will be no flaming, bombing, bad mouthing or other derogatory means towards anyone on or from this site, ever.

You may not reproduce, copy or transmit any portion of this site, for any reason, without expressed written consent of the owners.

We can block and ban you from accessing this site. In that rare event, you are forbidden to circumvent these blocks.

Do not hack the site, server or domain.

You will not use scripts, hacks or electronic, mechanical or systematic means to circumvent password boxes, submission forms or CAPTCHA devices installed on this site.

That should about cover it. Now that the boring shit is out of the way, nod your head that you agree, and go play the game.

<<edited typos - MissIllusioned>>
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CWoT 2 - Rules / Forum Specific Rules
« on: March 10, 2020, 08:20:37 AM »
Let's get technical for a minute.

By using this forum you accept that you are now a part of this site. Anything you say or do here will be a reflection of the site, Admin, Moderators, QA and other staff. That said, we don't like to look bad.

We do like to have fun, joke around and sometimes we do get carried away. That is fine! This is a safe place.

However, you need to keep a few things in mind.

First, we do NOT tolerate any form of abuse. If you plan to attack another member because of their beliefs, struggles, the fact they like cats, things they post, or anything else.. don't. You will be banned faster than I care to admit. As much fun as BliZZ is, and as devious as Evil BliZZ is, Pissed off BLiZZ will show up at your house and shit in your lawn.

There will be no flaming here. If you have a problem with another member, something they post, a mistake they made, etc. Take it up in private. If you cannot handle the situation on a personal, private level, you are to notify any Moderator or Admin immediately. We will handle it.

All posts need to stay on topic. The help threads are thinned out regularly. Just because your post disappeared doesn't mean you did anything wrong. We want to celebrate the victories, and be supportive of others. However, too many of these types of posts clutter the threads for those players still looking for hints, clues and answers.

If you want to celebrate and go off topic, use the General Chit Chat board. While it is still monitored and moderated, we don't remove posts from there as often. Feel free to talk about anything and everything in that board.

Never post answers, spoilers or overly-helpful hints. While the levels can get difficult, it is much more satisfying to get a small nudge and get the answer yourself than to have it handed to you. We do not employ spoiler tags here, you are expected to know the difference between a helpful nudge and a spoiler.

In the case that you make a mistake (it happens, no worries) your post will be edited or removed. If we have to remove it for non-obvious reasons you will get a PM with a quick explanation. In most cases this is due to a hint being too helpful, not that you did something wrong.

Be polite! We cater to the entire world here. Customs, expressions and verbiage is different around the world. What may be socially acceptable to you, might be offensive to others. Asynchronous communications can sometimes become difficult to understand how your words should be taken. Please use smileys to help get your point across, let the others know you are joking or in a good mood.

Likewise, if you are sensitive or do get offended, you may want to browse a while before you join and post here. Nothing posted here should be taken personally. The other side of the coin, so to speak, is that your customs will be different than the one that posted whatever offended you. Just like them, you need to be understanding of miscommunications and differences. If someone says something that upsets you, try to handle it in private on a 1 on 1 basis. If you cannot, get Admin and and the Moderators involved.

Finally, we love to promote the site. Anything you post here becomes the property of ACWoT. Your quotes may be used in promotional materials, on ads, pages, etc. (We will properly quote you, using your Forum username). By posting here, you agree to this. However, your real name, image or personal information will NEVER be used without your permission.

Keep your eye on this board. These rules can change or get amended at any time. Now go, have fun, make friends, solve some riddles.
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