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Started by BLiZZ, March 10, 2020, 08:26:59 AM

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If something is going on with ACWoT, issues, down times, broken links or other maintenance issues, they will be posted here.

Follow this topic (or board) to stay up to date on all things CWoT 2 related.  :cheer:


The server that houses this site is having some difficulty with connectivity. The server admins are aware and are working on stabalizing the server.

In the mean time, you may experience weird glitches, long loading times, frozen screens, etc.

My advice is to either refresh the page and try again, or open the page in a new tab (with the current one still open) and try it there. PMs that seem to hang without being sent, USUALLY get sent, you just don't see the success message. So, before you send again, open the forum in a new tab and check your messages, I bet you will see the message has been sent.

I will update this post as the problem gets solved.

UPDATE: The server admins have confirmed they resolved the issue. I haven't experienced the issue for some time, but will remain skeptical for now.


I am moving the site to a CDN. This process can take 2 minutes or up to 48 hours.

During this time there may be security warnings, no loading of the pages or other small issues. They will all clear up on their own, though. Hopefully you won't even notice. :wiggle:


Well, we noticed.

The main site is back online now. The subdomains are coming along slower, but are starting to respond. Hopefully the whole site will be done and available in the next 30 minutes.

Apologies for the delays.


The password boxes have been updated.

There was a small issue in the coding for the levels with passwords. Specifically the levels following the passwords. This has been fixed.

How ACWoT Password Levels Work

When you come upon a level with a username and password box, you will need to enter the correct information to move on.

When you do so, you are given a session ID (it is in a cookie on your computer). This ID tells the site that you have the correct username and password to continue viewing the site. It is important to note that this ID will expire when you close your browser (not just a tab, but the whole browser).

If the Session ID is not present when you visit a level, you will see a prompt to enter the last username/password combo you encountered. Entering the correct combination will then show you the level.

For example. Level 16 has a username and password box. When you enter the right combo you are taken to level 17. When you solve level 17, you then go to level 18. Solve this and you continue to level 19. Assume you stop here for the day and come back later or the next day.

When you return, your Session ID has expired. When you revisit Level 19, you will see a prompt asking you to enter the username/password from Level 16 once again. Doing so will then allow you to proceed to Level 19.

If you enter the wrong combination, you will be redirected back to level 16. Resolve the level (you will go to level 17 again). You are NOT required to resolve level 17. Once you enter the correct combo, you can return directly to level 19.

This check is done on every level AFTER level 15 (the first username and password level). Simply use your notes and enter the username and password for the last level you needed them for and you are good to go.

If you have any questions, comment here and I will answer them for you. :wiggle:


We have upgraded forum software to the latest version and changed the PHP version on the server to the latest stable version (7.4).

There shouldn't be any level related issues or Member Portal issues. However, if you notice anything let myself of NinjaDucky know about it so we can get it fixed.



I am back. I am here. I am doing the things!

We also have a Discord now, if you would like to join!


I have just updated the forum software and now we can use the latest stable release of PHP. I know this probably means nothing to you, and that is fine.

However, what I really want to tell you is that I am slowly pulling away from Facebook. I depsise that site and everything about it and I personally think it is a drain on society. (rant over).

HOWEVER, I cannot overlook the reach and power FB has on the Internet, our world and computers. So, I am not abandoning it entirely. The CWoT FB page will remain. The FB Group, though, will be archived soon. (a month or so?)

Essentially, when a group is archived it is not joinable, but current members can still access the posts. Not that there is a lot there, but, still. It won't be deleted permanently (at least not by me).

During that time you are more than welcome to join us on Discord. I have set up a server for my streaming and there is a help channel for each major segment of ACWoT there already.

The forum here will ALWAYS remain (unless the software running it goes tits up and is removed). I will always have a help area on site for you, some how, some way. So if you do not want to join the discord, that is fine. You can always PM me here or post in these threads for help and hints.

If you wish to join the discord, though, you can do so by following this invite link to the Bearded Brigade. Once you have access you will only see a "Rules" section. Read through the rules and click the "okay" hand icon to react to the message and state you agree to those rules.

Once you react, the rest of the server will appear (it's magic!) and you can then find the ACWoT section. Hang out and join the fun!


As you have probably seen, we have updated the forum software. There are still a few cosmetic tweaks I need to make, But for now we are "operationally complete."

If you notice any problems or issues, please let me know through PM or on the discord.

I will post again when the full upgrade is 100% complete.