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How to Use the Forum

Started by BLiZZ, March 10, 2020, 08:30:45 AM

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The forum has a lot of features and options that can be selected on an individual basis.

Navigation can become confusing, so I will make a few posts in this topic covering various user controls and their optimal settings for reference.


The first thing to note is that the forum can get overwhelming. With the various trails and side quests, each having their own topic and threads, it can take a while to scroll through everything to find what you are looking for.

Each of the Trail and Side Quest categories can be collapsed. On the right side of the Category banner you will find an icon that looks like a minus sign. If you click that the entire category will vanish. The icon then turns into a plus sign, so you can expand it when needed.

I recommend that you minimize all of the categories and only expand the one that deals with the level(s) you are working on.

If you are worried about missing new posts in a collapsed category, there are two options.

1. You can expand the category to see if the "new post" icon is list up.
2. You can click the link at the very top of the forum next to your profile avatar that says "Show unread posts since last visit." and you will be shown a page that has every new post listed. Or, you can click the link that says "Show new replies to your posts." to get whisked away to a page that shows new replies to a topic you made a post in.

Doing these things will make the forum less cluttered for you so you can focus on the areas that matter most to you.


Time off-set.

The forum server is based in Michigan, USA. The default time on the forum is server time (GMT -6 DST). To see the time in your current time zone, click on the profile link in the navigation menu.

There is a small 3 option sub menu just above the banner that says "Profile" that lists the options: Profile Info, Modify Profile and Actions.

Hover over "Modify Profile" and select "Look and Layout"

There you will see a heading that says "Time offset" and next to it an input box and a text link that says (auto detect).

Click "auto detect" and the input box will display the offset number between your current time zone and the server time.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Change Profile" to save your settings.

Now, the posts and time on the forum will match your local time.



One thing you will need to get an understanding of is forum terminology.

A forum is compromised of various parts. The entire page here is the forum. Inside the forum you have categories.

A category is the main topic of a specific section. All category names appear on the banner above those particular boards. "Numeric Level Help," as an example, is the category for that section of the forum.

Inside the categories you have boards. "Levels 1 - 10" is a board inside the "Numeric Level Help" category.

Once inside the various boards you have threads. A thread is a specific topic of the overall category. Oftentimes, threads are also called topics.

The individual replies inside the topics are called posts. These are your replies or questions to that particular thread.

So, we would have the your post asking for help inside the  "Level 1" thread/topic, this is inside the "Levels 1 - 10" board, that is inside the "Numeric Level Help" category, that sit in the ACWoT Member Society forum.

That should help you understand the navigation terms of the forum.


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Decade: 10/10
Crystals: 15/15


I found an option in the forum settings to sort thread with the newest reply on top. I find it easier to navigate this way without having to press on the page number.
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Solved: Numerics 1-50, Alphabet A- K, Romans - 1-10, Decades 1-10, Secret 1-4


If you want your Private Message (PM) inbox to look and perform more like a regular mailbox (and the old CWoT style):

Click on "My Messages" in the forum navigation menu.
Above the messages list you will see a link for "Messages" "Actions" and "Preferences"
Hover over Preferences and then check "Change Settings."

Make your settings like this:

Display personal messages: As a Conversation
Show most recent personal messages at top.: Checked
Show a popup when I receive new messages.: Checked (optional)
Save a copy of each personal message in my sent items by default.: Checked
Remove the inbox label when applying another label: Checked

Remember to save your changes.


Here is a fun tool that most people miss out on.

Almost every page in the forum that isn't a board or topic will have a sub menu. This is most prominent on the Personal Messages screen and your Profile screen.

The sub menu gives you more options and abilities or allows you to select certain aspects for editing. The sub menu, by default, sits atop the main section of the page and wayyyyyy over on the right hand side you will see two small arrows. I have highlighted these arrows in the first attached image.

If you click these arrows, the sub menu moves from the top to the left hand side of the screen. As an added bonus, the menu is no longer a hover/drop down menu, but instead all options are expanded so you can easily see them. This is shown in the second attached image.

If you have any issues finding the right option or selection, try clicking the submenu arrows, it makes things a lot easier to see.

As you can see in the second image, the two arrows are now along the first menu item. Clicking them again will return the submenu to the top.

Choose the option you like best.  :wiggle:


Get notifications of the boards and topics that matter the most.

There are a lot of boards here in this forum, as a result there are also a lot of topics. To help keep things speedy and to the point, you can subscribe to boards, threads and topics that have new information you need.

If you want to subscribe all you have to do is click the "Notify" button at the top of the board or topic. If you are inside the board looking at the list of topics, the Notify button will subscribe you to the entire board. This means that any time there is a new post in any of the topics, you will get an email letting you know.

If you are inside a topic (like now, reading this) the Notify button will only subscribe you to that topic.

Note that emails are only sent once per day if there is a new post since your last visit. Also, you will not get a notification for every new post, just for the first one. Once you log in and read the posts, your subscription starts over and you will be notified of a new post once again.

If you are done with a topic and no longer wish to receive notifications of new posts, the Notify button changes to "Unnotify" and clicking it again will remove your subscription to that board.

You can subscribe to as many boards and topics as you wish, but I highly recommend you subscribe to this board as a whole, so you are notified when Admin makes a new post that is important to you. The Member Portal Updates topic is especially important.