Another CWoT Official Rules

Site Rules

As with any game, there are rules. The rules here are simple, fair, but strict. By visiting and continuing to use the site, its features and playing the game, you agree to the following list of rules. As the site (as a whole) goes, the rules are thus:

➻You may not reproduce, copy or transmit any portion of this site, for any reason, without expressed written consent of the owners.
➻Anything posted, uploaded, emailed or added to the site becomes the property of the site owners to use at their discretion (quotes, for example).
➻You will respect everyone here, at all times.
➻We can block and ban you from accessing this site. In that rare event, you are forbidden to circumvent these blocks.
➻Do not hack the site, server or domain. Nothing good will come of it.
➻Never share your login information, password or personal information with anyone from the site. (Exceptions for Admin who may request information to help you reset your account) ACWoT will never ask for your personal information, ever.

Solving Rules

There are, of course, certain rules you must also follow while solving levels and playing the game.

➻Do not use any form of automatic software to search for active URLs (This kills the server resources, is traceable and you will be banned.). Criminal action may be pursued.
➻All posted levels are fair, able to be solved and do have an end. Brute force guesses are allowed. Brute Forcing server access is not allowed.
➻All hints, clues and answers can be found in public accessible areas. No hints will ever be posted where you must join, pay or sign up to get them, including inside the Member Portal or through its various features.

Finding Help Rules

While searching for your clues, hints and answers, you may require assistance. ACWoT has a member forum with a help thread for each level. However, you are not required to join the forum to browse the threads, nor are you required to post there. Feel free to work with teams, groups or on other sites and forums. With that being said, there are a few external rules, too.

➻Never post links to levels, eggs or other pages on this site.
➻Do not seek out answers from others, unless you are working as a team.
➻Do not post answers to any level, egg locations or links to any part of the trails or side quests on any site (including this one), ever.

Forum Rules

The CWoT Member forum is a place to get help, hang out and relax and to find inspiration. However, the forum has its own set of rules, which, as a member of the forum, you must agree to. There are rules for non-members as well.

➻Never attempt to contact any forum member without their prior permission, for any reason, ever.
➻Contact BLiZZ (Forum Admin and site owner) with any questions, comments, or concerns at any time.
➻Never try to steal a member's identity, harvest emails or other information for any reason.
➻No marketing, solicitation or bribery at any time.